What is ponpon.my?
ponpon.my is a coupon cloud platform built upon Google Cloud, which allows you to create, distribute, and manage your coupons, seamlessly and flexibly 'on the cloud'. It also offers your customers instant online access to find, snip, and redeem a range of coupons for use in your stores.

ponpon.my also enables you to effortlessly create coupons, which are then distributed widely across the Facebook social network, as well as through SMS, email, printed media, and user search functions on iOS or Android mobile devices. ponpon.my presents a powerful web-based solution to comprehensively manage, control, and analyze your choice of promotional and publicity campaigns, with up-to-date customer transactional data all within easy reach.

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Search, Scan & Snip!

The ponpon.my app can be downloaded free of charge, supporting a flexible search application to locate coupons by availability, category, and product preferences. Now everyone can search, scan, and snip your coupons for redemption whenever and wherever they are, quickly and efficiently.

The ponpon.my mobile application is totally free to use, incurring no set-up or purchase costs. Download it now from the iTunes and Google Play store links below.

Push your Coupons via SMS & Email

With ponpon.my, pushing and sending coupons to your customers via SMS or email is a breeze. With a few clicks your customers will be able to receive and use your coupons, without having to download or install ponpon.my.

Why ponpon.my?
  • 1
    Enjoy Free Monthly Credit Top-ups

    A total of 200 credit points will be awarded absolutely free every month to each ponpon.my account. You will not be charged a single cent for usage running within the free quota range. Once exceeded, coupons will be temporarily ‘hidden’ from being viewed and snipped by users, until or unless paid credit has been purchased, or the monthly free quota has been renewed.

  • 2
    Breathe Easier with a 'Pay-as-you-go' Plan

    With no annual or monthly subscription fee and no sign-up or set-up fee, the ‘pay-as-you-go’ system sets you free from the burden of recurring payments. Pay only for what you use above the free quota, with a minimum paid credit purchase starting at MYR10.00. Enjoy the bonus of never having to worry about an expiry date for any unused credit purchased.

  • 3
    Cut Out All Excess Printing Costs

    Bulk printing and mass distribution of coupons leads to ever higher printing costs, with no guarantee of profitable returns from the effort. Now, you can enjoy a super low rate of 35 cents per coupon snipped with the ponpon.my cloud coupon system. Start saving on costs and reach a more targeted customer base one snip at a time.

  • 4
    Switch to Easy Access Customer Info

    Having quick access to customer transactional information, demand profiles, statistics, and user trends has never been easier with the revolutionary new ponpon.my portal. The integrated system and user-friendly platform allows you to capture and manage customer info efficiently and intelligently. This puts you ahead of the competition, as your business is now guided by accurate and relevant consumer data streams.

  • 5
    Expand your Distribution Network

    ponpon.my opens exciting new channels for distributing coupons to your existing and potential customers. Your coupons can now float with no boundaries through private and social networks, riding on the push dynamics of search and scan mobile applications via avenues such as Facebook, SMS, and email.

  • 6
    Activate an Integrated Management System

    Move up the management learning curve with ponpon.my, and achieve greater and more effective control over your coupon distribution networks today. The portal’s intelligent and easy-to-use backend system takes the headache out of task and role allocation, streamlining your team’s functions and responsibilities to bring your business to greater heights.

Print as Poster

Although online marketing is a powerful tool, offline promotions are also vital to reach a wider market. ponpon.my allows you to innovatively transform your cloud coupon into a hardcopy poster without a hitch. With just a single click, a poster is generated with all the offer details including the relevant QR code. ponpon.my app users can instantly scan and snip coupons right off the poster’s printed page.

We have committed to designing a very clear, predictable, and flexible pricing model, which is based on the concept of paying only for what you use (Pay-As-You-Go), as and when you use it. As such, ponpon.my offers you a risk-free and low-expense option for launching a dynamic coupon distribution portal with immediate cost-saving and network enhancement benefits.


every month
Automatic renew every 1st of the month.


per coupon
5 credits will be deducted for every email coupon pushed to your customers via email.


per coupon
15 credits will be deducted for every SMS coupon pushed to your customers via SMS.
User Snip


per coupon
35 credits will be deducted for every coupon snipped by users.

MYR 1.00


100 credits
Minimum order is
Price is subject to change without any prior notice.
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Redeem in Store

The most challenging aspect of digital coupon usage has always been the coupon redemption process. ponpon.my now simplifies the task, making it a pleasure for your customers to redeem coupons using your mobile device or laptop computer. This is done by flashing the QR Code or entering the coupon code, or alternatively via a quick email/mobile phone number verification.

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